About Elsa’s Adult Care

About Us

Assisted Living Tucson

Located in the heart of Tucson, Arizona, Elsa’s Adult Care Home provides personalized and affordable quality care to our residents.  We are licensed by the Arizona Department of Health as an Adult Care Home and Assisted Living Facility.

We welcome clients that are ALTCS/AHCCS (Arizona Long-Term Care Systems/Arizona Healthy Care Cost Containment System) approved.

Founded by Elsa Gatchalian in 1994, Elsa comes from over twenty years of experience as a nurse technician. Combined with continuous hospital training and caring for the elderly, Elsa’s passion is providing personalized care for all her clients making it feel just like home and just like family.


Our Mission Statement:

Elsa’s Adult Care Home strives to provide our residents the best-personalized care that is essential to their health and well-being.  We nurture and encourage our clients to regain their maximum potential in a home setting environment, so that they can live with dignity and happiness.